Transform Your Life Insurance Into Immediate Funds

Eliminate ongoing premiums and unlock capital to use at your discretion – whether it’s covering medical bills, bolstering retirement or funding a dream vacation.

Abbistar’s life settlement process is risk-free.

How To Cash In a Life Insurance Policy

Begin your life settlement process in three easy steps:

Step 1 Check Your Eligibility

We’ve outlined the initial criteria to qualify for a life settlement with Abbistar. If you are eligible, contact us to provide basic policy and health information. Our licensed experts will get in touch with you to discuss if a life settlement fits your needs.

Step 2 Submit Documents

Sign an authorization allowing us to obtain copies of your medical records and life insurance policy details. This step ensures a comprehensive evaluation, laying the groundwork for accurate and informed decision-making. You will receive a no-obligation quote from Abbistar with your maximum payout amount.

Step 3 Receive Offer & Decide

Once the value of your policy is determined, our licensed experts will extend an offer. You may choose to sell your entire policy for immediate cash or retain a portion of the death benefit while eliminating future premium obligations. Settle the deal, transfer ownership and receive your cash!

Why Sell Your Life Insurance to Abbistar

Your Timing, Your Terms

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Tailored Solutions
for Your Financial Goals

Abbistar is committed to offering tailored life settlement solutions that align with your aspirations. Whether you're looking to sell your whole life insurance policy or retain flexible coverage, we empower you to make savvy decisions about your financial assets.

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Credibility You
Can Trust

We strictly adhere to state licensing requirements, ensuring a secure and compliant transaction process. Abbistar is represented by Locke Lord and is affiliated with reputable financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, NorthEast Financial and TD Bank.

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Maximum Value
for Your Policy

We understand that your financial well-being is at stake, and we're here to help you make decisions that align with your goals. We employ dynamic management strategies involving trading, holding and servicing to ensure you receive the highest possible return on your life insurance.

Cash In Your Life Insurance Policy

Unlock your policy’s full potential. The process is quick, easy and completely risk-free. Speak with one of our
dedicated case managers to explore your options at no cost.